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Blog / Created October 2020

How Teel is Innovating the Self-Storage Industry

By Teel Group

Breaking into the Self Storage Niche

At Teel, a goal that remains the same across all of the clients we work with, is to leverage modern technology to improve their business. In our pursuit to innovate businesses across a variety of industries, we found that the self-storage space presented lots of opportunity. Having worked with many self-storage facilities across the US since 2014, we became quite familiar with the day-to-day operations and common technology blindspots that self storage owners and operators tend to have.

Self-storage facilities are large in number in the US and many of them are falling short when it comes to using modern technology for their business. Many facilities are losing out by not taking advantage of technology in order to increase occupancy through digital marketing efforts, having a high-converting user experience online, and automating their back-end processes by providing a self service solution.

Enter Our Platform, Rint™


After doing an audit on the current state of the industry, we found that even more self storage businesses had a need for technology-based solutions than we previously thought. We also observed an overall lack of technology companies that have the end-to-end solutions that these businesses need.

This is why we decided to dedicate our time and resources to develop a proprietary platform that checks all of the boxes for almost any self-storage facility.

Rint (Intelligent Rentals, LLC) is a multi-faceted platform that serves as a full-service solution for all of your customer-facing self storage facility needs. The core technology includes a variety of features that allow users to completely rent or reserve a unit, purchase insurance, pay bills, sign leases, and more - all online.

The Rint platform also helps facility operators by automating their workflows by providing dynamic discounts, pricing updates, and more. This data comes straight to the Rint website from their property management software, eliminating the need for regular, time-consuming, and manual updates to the website.

In addition to the powerful PWA (Progressive Web App) side of Rint, we also hand over a beautiful and seamless website experience that provides all of the other fundamental features that self storage websites usually have to offer. Our industry-leading, user friendly, and conversion-optimized Rint websites include a Size Guide, FAQ, Storage Tips, and much more so that your customers have everything they need to be convinced to reserve or rent a unit at your facility.

On top of all of this, we also provide industry-proven digital marketing and SEO services to drive more traffic to your new website on an ongoing basis. We want to see you flourish on our new platform and the last thing we want to do is leave you hanging!

Reducing Physical Interaction in the age of Covid-19

We originally set out to create an automated, self-service platform because it would mean more conversions, less wasted time, and an overall better user experience. But now, with the coronavirus sweeping the nation, it also means more safety.

The recent changes and push towards “contactless” processes across all industries as a result of COVID-19 has only accelerated the need for virtual solutions like Rint.

Although, it was not our main goal, we are happy that the timing worked out so that we are able to keep more people in the safety of their homes and reduce the risk of people further spreading the coronavirus.

Our Future in Self Storage & Beyond

There is no question that there are many self storage businesses out there who are in need of a platform like Rint and its supporting services to solve their greatest technology problems. We are eager to dive deeper into this market and continue working with more self storage facilities in order to address their inefficiencies and help grow their business.

We are excited to announce an official partnership with self storage property management software provider, Storage Commander. We are planning to work alongside them to onboard as many companies as possible to our new platform so that they can experience Storage Commander capabilities to the fullest as well as having the added benefits that Rint has to offer.

Although our platform is still in beta with only a few clients using it at this very moment, we have big plans to continue gaining self storage market share and eventually expanding our platform to provide similar solutions in other industries.

We expect to fully launch the Rint identity, Version 1 of the platform, and its supporting services in the Spring of 2021. Follow us here and on our social channels to stay in the loop!

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