Our Services

Teel has one goal in mind for our clients– to simplify the integration of digital technologies that transform businesses for the connected age.

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Digital Strategy & New Media Consulting

We help our partners think through their business challenges and provide the creative, digital technology-based solutions to help solve them. We listen, review existing approaches, and define a roadmap to success. Our focus is to devise a custom plan for your business that brings overall optimization while providing the best return on your investment. We help our clients transform to embrace a digital future, help them understand new technologies, and implement new products to engage their customers.


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Marketing Automation & Transformation

Work smarter– not harder. We design dynamic systems in order to take the headache out of the more repetitive tasks and make the technology work for you instead. Our goal is to make your business more efficient by allowing you to focus on what is most important by rethinking traditional practices that may slow you down.


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Web Design & Development

Taking your business online is no longer an alternative– it’s the convention. We believe it is a necessity to have a modern, visually stimulating, and mobile responsive website that is also engaging and conversion focused. We can deliver this through rich media sites built on the most intelligent platforms and CMS applications.



Social Media Advertising

The ability to tailor ads to specific demographics is unparalleled on social media. With the right ads, you can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Whether you're investing in brand awareness, promoting products, or trying to drive traffic to your website, we strategically design, create, execute, and manage digital ad campaigns that are targeted at your business goals. We can focus your business's social media strategy towards increased engagement, lead generation, or brand awareness while growing your social presence across all platforms such as: Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.


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Branding & Identity Development

Your company identity is more than just a logo. Only through an authentic brand architecture can you ensure the awareness and engagement of your target audiences. Teel branding professionals activate your identity to shape how you see yourselves and your place in the market.



Digital Media, Photography, & Video Production

We can handle requests for any kind of content creation or video production project– aerial media production, product photography, marketing or website content creation, commercials, corporate videos, short films, etc. – it’s our mission to make your message come to life in a relevant and authentic way.



Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Better visibility into your operations and systems means being able to face business challenges head-on with greater confidence. Let us go beyond the numbers by understanding the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns of data. Through transforming your data into powerful visualization reports and actionable insights, you’ll be better positioned to predict what will happen next and capture a competitive advantage.



Cloud Consulting

Cloud services and technologies offer an advantageous opportunity to transform and modernize the use of technology infrastructure. We assist by guiding you with a clear cloud migration strategy and solution tailored to fit your business needs, resulting in significant cost, technical and operational improvements and efficiencies. This relieves your business of the burden of maintaining, operating and investing in a traditional on-premise infrastructure, protecting you with a sound and secure technology infrastructure roadmap for the future.



Our Approach


There are countless ways to succeed in the digital realm– we only select the best fit to your goals and resources. We balance the priority of short-term wins while establishing the leading capabilities that continue to grow for the life of your enterprise.


Here’s where the magic happens. Through the implementation of digital products and services, we shape robust, scalable, and sustainable strategies that are commercially practical. We understand business goals and deliver experiences to exceed them.


Immediate results are expected, but in our opinion, the strategy is never “done”. We scale the strategy over time through optimizations and continual refinements while showing you how each digital initiative impacts revenue so you can visualize your ROI.


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